Spring Start up Season is Here

22 Mar Spring Start up Season is Here

Rainscapes is now scheduling spring startups of irrigation systems. The Rainscapes professional team is ready to help you get your lawn looking great for the spring and summer seasons! You may ask why a professional is needed to put your system back together? First, putting the backflow preventer back together is very important. Next, we charge the system with water and verify that there are no main line leaks. After that process, we go through each zone to verify that the spray heads are operating properly. Once the entire system has been checked, we set the controller to an appropriate setting for the upcoming season. Don’t get frustrated trying to “DIY” your irrigation system. Our team has more than 20 years of irrigation experience and knows what problems or issues to look for and how to solve them. Our customer service is first rate whether it’s scheduling appointments, giving customers friendly reminder phone calls or keeping company trucks fully stocked to make sure the job gets done in one trip. Let us help you with your irrigation needs. Call 865-981-4270 or email Maria@rainscapes.com.

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